LRC MANPOWER SERVICES INTERNATIONALE, INC. is a duly licensed recruitment agency (POEA-062-LB-031208-R) by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), division for deployment of overseas contract workers under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Founded in 1978, LRC MANPOWER SERVICES INTERNATIONALE, INC. begun modestly, and grew progressively and steadily manpower and personalized service. It has been classified as one of the TOP SIX AGENCIES OF THE PHILIPPINES by the weekly television program “Overseas Unlimited” (a special show for contract workers abroad viewed every Sunday, at Channel 2, under the patronage and control of the POEA).

Service – oriented, highly-trained and competent, its staff can meet the specific needs of every employer with professionalism.

Ranging from unskilled to highly-specialized individuals, both male and female, its applicants are strictly screened, trained and tested to assure its client of the manpower’s quality they deserve. Its sophisticated pool of applicants (stored in the computerized Library Division) and Research Department for manpower sourcing, quarantee foreign principals prompt delivery. Hence, LRC makes a commitment, LRC stands for it.

LRC deploys to many countries such as United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Hongkong, Bahrain, Qatar Kuwait and pioneering in other cities of the world.